Capturing Infinite Energy

I was in a mall yesterday when I saw a 3 year old kid sprinting from one store to another aimlessly. The mom followed screaming ‘Bret, Stop, Come Back’. Though the mom gasping for air, following the kid’s zig zac route definitely made me smile, it made me wonder we well. How do kids have so much more energy compared to us adults?

Although kids have a more physically challenging schedule than us, this kid was fresh, full of life, exploring every corner of his newly claimed playground with hands wide open, welcoming the world. Though the kid’s liveliness made the mom smile, she was in no way going to win the battle till the kid hit a distraction or decide to stop and be amazed by nothingness (At least it seemed like nothing to us).

What is the intrinsic difference between kids and adults? Are the worries of the world so grave that they prevent us from capturing the infinite energy available in the universe? Can’t we all think of moments, when though we were exhausted, we are flushed with all this energy from nowhere? Like when you’re favorite song plays on the radio? Or when you run into an old friend?

So is being tired more physiological than physical?


At least I hope it is. Don’t the possibilities of what can be accomplished seem limitless then? We just need to make sure we are having a great time!

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