We all love them. Obsess over them. Blush when we get them. Sometimes even wait for them. But yet rarely ever give them.

Photo by Lily
Do we underestimate the value of compliments? Do we forget the joy of being appreciated? The electric energy that flows through your body and the way it radiates on your face with a smile. The way you unconsciously like that person just a little bit more. The way the world seems a happier place and you notice you are smiling at strangers. Somehow people notice the cheerful you more, and you attract more good words. The way the rain doesn’t blemish your new dress anymore, it adds to its charm instead. The way the words stay with you during difficult times, the way they cheer you up.
Isn’t been recognized something we all long for? Aren’t the positive words that make a difference? Then how come things going wrong are never missed, but we fail to notice how gorgeous the little girl looked while making sure her hair was perfect or how elegant the grandmother looked still wearing her wedding ring? How do we forget to appreciate the charming creases of experience on the face of a construction worker or the selfless nature of a limping soldier?

Maybe we don’t miss it. Maybe we notice it, appreciate it in our minds, but in our busy lives fail to convey it. But the world continues to be just as stagnant, the ocean just as still and nature just as colorless. Can you imagine what a single compliment can do? A single thoughtful word may add a ripple in the still ocean, remind a flower of its color, give a hug to a longing heart or even make a tear change its mind!

Do your share, appreciate the world and be amazed at the ripple effect it creates.

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