Exhilarating or Depressing?
Depends I think, on what we choose to see.
Though I’ve been a fan of rainy days all my life, sometimes such days can be rather gloomy. The cloudy, cold and wet day interferes with all the daily chores, groceries take longer, traffic is slower and I’d rather cuddle up in a blanket with a warm coffee than have the thought of venturing outside.
Photo by Evgeni Dinev

On the other hand, rain has a magical touch to itself that we fail to notice sometimes. An aura, that not only connects us to this vivid experience, but also to every other creature on the planet. It is a time when everything in nature pauses to be awestruck by the experience to follow.

As the clouds approach, magically everyone from the chasing lion to a new born cub are aware that something majestic is about to happen. Clouds gather up, murmuring and whispering the tales of our land while lighting and thunder awaken the dark sky. The ocean roars to make its presence felt while the wind swirls to dance in its music. The burning desire of the sun is subdued while the earth breathes the coolness instead. As the drops of ecstasy fall upon us, the world is in harmony, the lion isn’t hunting and the deer isn’t afraid. Perfect synchronization occurs between the tides and the wind as they meet the rocks like lovers do.
Mesmerizing isn’t it? When every drop that falls on your skin touches your soul. When you dance fearlessly with the clouds as they visit the mountains. When even the sun, unable to resist, peaks in and unknowingly unveils the hidden rainbow.
Truly Exhilarating !
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