Women and Shoes – An Intimate Love Affair!

A match made in heaven or the devils nest? Depends on who you ask.

What is it about this fetish that intoxicates such a large population of the X chromosome while the Y chromosome remains untouched? Is the Y chromosome not worthy enough? Do they even realize what they are missing out on? I don’t think so, just like the quote says, “Sometimes you just don’t know what you’ve been missing till it arrives”.

Photo by Franci Strumpfer
What is this shoe fetish all about? The feeling of falling in love all over again at its sight and adoring perfection as you slip your feet into them. The perfectly rational logic of owning 10 pairs of black shoes or even investing in a larger home for the extra leg room. How each pair is unique with its individual charm and poise and simply irreplaceable. Some may call it infatuation. You like something, you have the desire to own it and then you simply get over it. But I’m not sure if that’s the case with me and shoes though. I can look at a pair of shoes I bought years ago and still adore it like it was yesterday. Just admiring it gets back all the memories associated with it. The way the heart skipped a beat when I first saw it, the contemplation associated with desiring it but realizing that I do not need another pair and then finally the guilty pleasures of convincing the so called rational mind on how we were just meant to be.
Just because some may be unable to comprehend the feeling does not mean it doesn’t exist. Researchers and psychologists from all around the world have tried to link this phenomenon to various behavioral and psychological patterns. They say you can tell a lot about her from her shoes: self confidence, elegance or sometimes even symbolizing the desire to attain attention, shoes seem to play a vital role in our lives. Though why do we love shoes? Is it because they make us look good or because they look good on us? A bit of both I think. Though shoes can set the mood and top up our apparel with just that perfect something, not everyone can carry it with elegance and poise. You’ve got to have the right attitude to let the shoes compliment your personality.

So it may not be a match made in heaven and though the Y chromosome may insist on the devils nest, I like to call it innocent pleasure instead. It makes the X chromosome happy and causes no harm, well….except burning a hole in the Y chromosomes wallet.

To me, they just make me happy. Why? How? I don’t know. And to be honest, it doesn’t matter. What can be worse than falling in love and asking why?

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4 thoughts on “Women and Shoes – An Intimate Love Affair!

  1. I loved this post. I stand in my closet surveying my shoes some times, and look at the seams and details because it's fascinating to me…

  2. Thanks Dear, your right it's an amazing feeling!

  3. I like coming to your website for the blog post are all superb. Keep update and I will come here at any moment.

  4. Thanks Dear! The positive words are well appreciated.

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