Life – Like a Drive through the Mountains?

Sounds exotic doesn’t it? Or maybe even crazy as some may say. But I insist, that’s how I want my voyage to be. Partly mesmerizing with incomparable beauty, partly intimidating of not knowing what lies ahead and partly even terrifying as I step into the unknown, just to find myself in harmony with everything I was afraid of.
Think about it, how does it feel when you drive through the mountains? The narrow uneven terrain keeps you on your toes while the mesmerizing scenery doesn’t let the mind wander. The windy roads keep the mystery alive and every turn reveals a magical new tale. The rivers are gushing, the animals chasing even the trees whispering, there is so much vibrance and yet the feeling of stillness. And just as you wish to pause time and stay in the moment forever, the next instance hypnotizes you all over again and you are simply delighted to know you didn’t.
Photo by Kyle Kruchok
The moon that felt so lonely in the midst of shimmering city lights, feels right at home in the tall standing trees. The ever changing river that finds its way even through the toughest terrain, makes long-lasting relations along the way, yet averts from its purpose for none. Even the darkness in the forest isn’t creepy, rather inviting instead. It may be murky and you may be hesitant, but just as the moon senses your fear, it steps out of the clouds and illuminates the dark forest with its radiance, making it the most serene and peaceful moment of your life.
Sounds unreal doesn’t it? But we all know that this is rather very real. I didn’t say a life like this was easy, just like accessing the mountains was inconceivable at one point in time. But isn’t making the impossible possible what makes life worth it all? Don’t you think that a person who’s never experienced the mountains may be missing something in life? Then is there a possibility that we are missing something in our lives as well?
To me the idea sounds exotic enough to put in an effort and make it a reality. Life should be serene, adventurous and every moment simply breathtaking. It should make you heart skip a few beats, make you look back and smile and the curiosity of tomorrow make your nights sleepless. 
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