For some ignorance is bliss while for the others there is nothing more frightful. What is it that you prefer: knowing it all or closing your eyes and avoiding the pain instead?

Though I’m not arguing that one should refrain from educating themselves to make the right decisions in life, sometimes choosing to know more about an unpleasant event or an occurrence  only cause the heart to ache. An ache that cannot be numbed, cannot be escaped and will just linger on forever like a thorn stuck deep within. Do you really want to know why he cheated on you or how she could walk out that easily? Why life is rather difficult for some, or how you really made them feel? Can you digest the truth that forever is not really forever and when it comes to love, you may just be alone.

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Though a part of you may be looking for answers as you ask your innocent questions, you may be in for a surprise. In most cases you are left with more questions and a greater heartache than you started with. Does that mean no answers exist? Because it was an unpleasant event, I think answers that will soothe the ache do not exist and you just have to let time be the healer. Does time really heal though? I don’t think so, but it definitely does an excellent job at distracting us with our everyday lives and hence numbing the pain. For how long though? Maybe till the scars are not revisited and the desires not asked?

I guess my point is, sometimes in life you just have to let go. Though there is always something you can learn from your mistakes (or the mistakes of others), overindulging in grief or regret is never a healthy move. The quicker we accept the situation, take what it has to offer and move on with our lives, the better of we are. Why not keep the unanswered questions for an evening when you put on your philosophical hat instead?

At the end of the day ignorance can definitely be bliss if used in the right situations. Knowing it all is a desire of the ego and sometimes the mind needs to step in to prevent the pain this can cause. There exists a fine line between asking the right questions and asking too many questions that defeats the purpose itself.

Sometimes not knowing all the dangers can be the only way you will dare to learn to fly again.

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5 thoughts on “Ignorance

  1. This topic is something I've pondered upon a lot. Some situations make us see the goodness of ignorance while some others teach us threats. Confusion regains. The truth probably could be that there is nothing as such called Ignorance. It's what we think about ignorance that makes it happen. What say?

  2. That's an interesting way to look at it Jaky, I don't think I have an opinion about it yet, but its definitely something worth pondering over.

  3. Knowledge Liberates……and faculty to acquire knowledge is only with the humans, not with other species on earth. That is why there is no change in the life style of animals, where as humans have conquered to an appreciable extent the vagaries of elements. Humans have and continue to overcome disease, threatening weather conditions, difficulties of commuting, communication etc etc. The list can continue.

  4. Himanshu on said:

    Ignorance can be a bliss, but not always..
    It depends on how lucky you are, how often you get away with your ignorance.
    Possessing great knowledge is helpful but sometimes knowing too much can be disconcerting.
    Too much ignorance and too much knowledge, both can be painful.
    I prefer balance.

  5. Very valid points made here. Ignorance can sometimes hinder our advancement and sometimes too much information can also do the same. Having a balance is the key.

    Thanks for the insight Nyari and Himanshu.

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