Are You Neglecting You?

Another one for the lazy types like me 🙂

Photo by gothick_Matt
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5 thoughts on “Are You Neglecting You?

  1. Liking your work- found you through a retweet by @JeffreyDavis108!

    Wanted to comment also that your site is just beautiful, and curious indeed! Would love to see you really expand it, because your perspective seems lovely and very real.

  2. Thanks a lot Tessa, you made my day! I'm glad you like my work and I hope I can continue you make the mind tingle and question itself 😉

  3. Himanshu on said:

    “When you start neglecting yourself, you start living for others.”

    Don't laugh it's profound.

  4. Keep up the good work,just stumbled on to one of your writings while “googling”.really admired your thoughts.its sad that we have indulged ourselves in so much materialism that we are depriving ourselves of all the good little things in life that are humangous in making us happier..cheers to all the little beautiful things in life.keep writing.peace.

  5. Thank you Sarwar. The kind words are appreciated.

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