Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Photo by Official U.S. Navy Imagery via Flickr

Heart breaking, frightful and nerve wrecking barely describe how I felt when I heard about the disaster. Not only is the video coverage disturbing, sometimes it even feels unreal. Really? I’ve seen the world crash in movies but in my heart I know that as soon as I leave the theater it will all disappear like it never happened. But this is real; there are no men in black that will save the planet or scientists who will put things back in place. The thing that frights me the most is to accept the fact that this time we have no solution.

From the feeling of disbelief and fear, to picking up pieces of what’s left while frantically looking for your loved ones, what Japan is currently going through is something we cannot even try to imagine. We may get the shivers when we read about it or even lose our appetite but that doesn’t even cover the tip of the iceberg on how it feels to be entrapped and left with no hope.

I’m not here to dramatize the disaster, or make you sympathize with it, these are humane feelings that have to just come to you; they cannot be created or forced. What I am hoping to do is create awareness that though we feel deeply about such occurrences and empathize with people affected by it, doing so is not good enough. I have no doubts that your feelings and concerns are genuine and true in nature but your empathy is making no difference. It has helped no soul, fed no kid, aided no one in need, it has not even given a ray of hope to anyone as they are unaware that you cared.

Make a difference, how ever small it may be. Realize that you could be the man in black for someone hurt or the superwomen to someone who has lost it all. Every action counts and it’s the little steps that make all the difference. Skip a Starbucks latte and donate to trustworthy organizations, volunteer your time to collect funds or physically help with disaster relief and if you are tight on time and money: remember them in your prayers, it’s much more important than you can imagine.

Think about it, disasters happen and untill we are not directly affected by it, we empathize for a while and then simply go on with our daily lives like we would when we return from a theater. Don’t make your response to a great movie and a horrific disaster the same!

I’ve listed below a few good ways you can donate online. If you have any other ideas or suggestions please leave them in the comments.

Doctors Without Borders – They are already in the process of sending medical personnel’s and aid.

Global Living – Another great organization that is already on its way to provide help and support to victims and families.

Google’s Crisis Response Team – They generally have the most accurate and up to date information. From finding people to donating themselves and identifying best ways to help, they update as information is available.

Crisis Common – A great Wiki initiative to making a difference.

The Humanitarian Coalition– A Canada based organization that has teamed up with various organizations in Japan to assist in the relief efforts.

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3 thoughts on “Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

  1. Himanshu on said:

    I am dumbfounded with what i have seen so far on news channels.
    I thought i was watching some sort of “apocalypse movie”. Scary Stuff.
    I wish i could visit japan right now and lend a helping hand to them apart from donating money.
    I really appreciate your initiative Curious.

    Japanese people should read your blog.
    But then there is no electricity in Japan right now.\
    I wonder if there are any Japanese bloggers blogging right now???

  2. Thank you.
    I couldnt agree more however dont believe I could have ever put it so elegantly.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, hopefully it can make a difference even if it is just a ripple.

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