Mumbai Blasts – Can the Common Man be at Fault?

Photo by Yogendra

The blasts in Mumbai have devastated the city once again. The morale of Mumbaikars is at rock bottom while they see no signs of hope or change. Streets where the music of ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ echoed are now immersed in blood and fear. The sights are too gruesome for our appetite and the cries too agonizing for our ears. Though we try hard to convince ourselves that this is just a bad dream and rationalize our helplessness, this time we just aren’t succeeding. The city is still, lifeless, even the heavens above are in tears.

Still all we do is wait for the politicians speech and look out for what they have to say. For some reason that I cannot comprehend, we expect different results this time. Maybe this time the humanitarian nature of our politicians will overcome their greed for money, or our fight for human rights will come to an end. But unfortunately our hopes were short lived. Once again we were agitated by their response and future security plans, once again we felt vulnerable, yet what surprises me the most is that many of us do nothing about it.

They say India’s youth has a bright future; brilliant minds enter the workforce bringing in innovation and change as they excel across the globe. Let me ask the youth something: How many of you voted in the last elections? If you did vote, did you vote for a party you respected that shared values and objectives similar to yours? Would you be willing to go for coffee and have a conversation with any of its members?

Think about it, either we don’t care enough about our country in which case we have absolutely no right to complain when events like the Mumbai blasts occur, or we’ve consciously picked members to govern our life and security that we wouldn’t even want to have coffee with. Who is really at fault? It’s difficult to take the blame on ourselves but it’s true, we may have caused our own distress. The youth of India likes to boast as to how much they care about their country and how they would give up their lives for it. Have they ever considered living for their country instead?

Brilliant men can rationalize just about anything, what’s our excuse this time? If there is no political party that you truly respect, then create your own! You could call me ignorant but I don’t understand what is stopping us to create a party with bright and honest individuals and have them run in the next elections? Yes the political world can get dirty, but aren’t the streets of Mumbai much more gruesome right now? Are we all just scared? Is the brilliant youth of India not brilliant enough to govern its own country? Why do we keep pushing our responsibilities onto others and hope for someone else to be the saviour?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of the same myself but I also realize that change is absolutely essential this time. We all have a part to play, how ever small it may be. Stop taking or giving bribes for your everyday conveniences and stand up for fellow humans when you see injustice. Take ownership to creating positive change yet ensuring that innocent lives are not put on stake. Wars and terror attacks have always been political conspiracies that common men become the victims to, aren’t we just being naive by asking for security from the culprits?

We can either spend our lives complaining about the political situation and living in fear or make a commitment to creating change ourselves. At the end of the day, we are the only ones to blame. It is our ignorance, our lack of desire to take responsibility and failure to stand up for justice that has led things to where they are. If we let evil brew in our home, one day it will enslave us!

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2 thoughts on “Mumbai Blasts – Can the Common Man be at Fault?

  1. Himanshu on said:

    I am afraid such blasts have become the part and parcel of our lives now. We are so used to them now. Just like curry such blasts have become a norm in India.

    I doubt these blasts will stop anytime soon. Unlike USA we are surrounded by some evil neighbors. Al-Qaeda,Taliban, Lashker Toyba (?), are prospering in Paksitan and they all want India and Indians to suffer.
    And you know what they Pakistan even has nukes.

    We can't change our neigbours and we can't change our home…..

    What is the solution to all this?
    Should we just keep watching our brothers and sisters die in bomb blasts, or should we take action? And What Action?

    I will unwillingly agree with Rahul Gandhi here, having honest,hardworking politicians and great intelligence will not stop these terrorist attacks..

    Atleast in our democratic India.

  2. Your point is well taken Himanshu and you are absolutely correct, there is no simple answer to an issue like this. Changing a single thing will not cure the issue though we have to start somewhere.

    The sad part is that Pakistan is in a state worse than India at this point in time. A few extremist groups are succeeding in creating chaos not only in India but in their own homes as well. The general population of both countries have no ill-feelings for each other and in fact live together in harmony all around the world. But unfortunately the extremism minority reflects over the entire nation.

    I guess we need to find our weak link that allows them to get through to us over and over again.

    But at the same time, there are a lot of things that need to change in the democratic India and someone has to take the first step.

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