All You Had to Do Was Ask…

Photo By Vive le Roi

When was the last time you dared to ask for something your heart truly desired?

Now, I don’t mean things like your favorite dinner or the TV remote. I am talking about desires that we repress because of the fear of failure. Things you want so bad that you’d rather not try, than invite the vulnerability that comes with the possibility of failing.

I think its a rather terrifying act to ask for something you want. The more deeply you desire it, the more daunting the endeavour becomes. These are the things where the simple three letter word ‘ask’ becomes one of the most nerve wrecking acts that you might ever choose to do.

Now most of you already know the kind of things I’m referring too. It’s like daring to ask that special someone, “Will you marry me,” or telling your boss “I quit,” finally freeing yourself from an unfulfilling career. It might also be things like admitting to yourself and your other half that things are just not working or having the courage to accept a flawed decision and giving yourself the permission to start over.

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2 thoughts on “All You Had to Do Was Ask…

  1. awesome ! i love the way you write, the way you encourage people, the way you speak about those thing which we know but we ignore, i read this article because the heading attract me “all you had to do was ask”. it happens with most of the time that whatever i want, even it is a little thing i don’t ask because somewhere in my heart i think what people think of me, they might laugh on me, i think the main reason is confidence on your self. really amazing piece… 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind words Sumit! Asking indeed is a daunting task, hopefully it gives you the courage or the motivation to take the leap of faith. Once one builds confidence in themselves then they can avoid worrying about what the world thinks about them 😉

      Thanks for the lovely thoughts!

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