Rush Hour Traffic: Get Through it Collision and Stress-Free

Photo by Andreas

It is recommended by ancient traditions that you should begin your day in a calm and relaxing fashion. From waking up slowly to having a few moments of stillness, our bodies and minds need to be introduced to the new day in a rather subtle manner. Are your mornings blissful and calm? Not mine!

Most of us wake up to a raging alarm and daily news reports that outlines everything and anything that could have possibly gone wrong with the world. Then we tune into the rush hour traffic report followed by the weather report (if you live in a winter wonderland like me) to determine if we have a few extra minutes to spare or if we are already running late.

There is absolutely no benefit in a stressful beginning and one needs to find a creative way out of the everyday anxieties of life. Here are some tips that can help ease your mornings.

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2 thoughts on “Rush Hour Traffic: Get Through it Collision and Stress-Free

  1. Hi Vibha nice article, this is the first article I’ve read of yours and my first comment as well, I am glad i found your blog.
    You’ve explained very good things, these daily scenarios can really either make or wreck your day. The carpooling idea really intrigued me, currently I am a student but in future, l plan to use it to make my journey to office calm, interesting and also help in reducing the traffic problem which is one major problem in Delhi.

    I don’t own a car and i use public transport as of now, so i’m always in company whenever i’m stuck in jam. I listen to music, or use my cell phone to note down any random thought which tickles my mind, and sometimes i get in discussion with the co passengers on various issues.. good time pass on my way to college.
    The best thing in your article was to take your work at home and work for 2 or more days from home, it is a great idea and i’m thinking that i should do the same to avoid all these daily hassles.

    Sumit Khanduri

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