What Is ‘Perfection’ Anyway?

Photo By patricia

Photo By patricia

Are you perfect?

Some people would claim to be so without a second thought, while others will give you endless reasons why they are far from it. From not being thin enough to not being rich enough, the excuses are as long as you would like them to be.

This makes me wonder: is perfection just a myth or a fact?

If perfection is fact, then how come everyone who claims to be perfect, are critiqued endlessly, while people who we think might be perfect would never accept it themselves? If perfection is a myth, then why do we spend all our lives questing for such a mythical state of existence?

Could our definition of “perfection” possibly need some tweaking?

Now I’m not referring to the arrogant interpretation of perfection, the kind that gives the bearer a feeling of being better than everyone else. We all know how annoying it is to be around such personalities. I’m talking about the kind of perfection that brings you at peace with yourself and everyone around you. The kind where you are aware of your positives and negatives and though there are always things you can improve in yourself, these improvements themselves are not a prerequisite to your happiness and contentment.

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