I think the most difficult writing gig is when you have to write about yourself. Words about yourself instantly change from an opinion to a fact. I mean of course, who else knows me better than me, right? Though if we knew ourselves so well wouldn’t life be a rather boring ride? Here is a snapshot of me at this moment, what I will be like tomorrow, only tomorrow can tell.

I’m an engineer during the day, a writer by night and a non-conformist by nature. I dislike following societal norms and would rather live life on my own terms.

My love for travelling has been a recent discovery. I’ve been mesmerized as I walked through the remains of Macchu Picchu and terrified as I spent nights in the Amazon forest. I had gone to Nepal with the intention of teaching kids a little bit of what I had learnt and instead returned learning much more from them. From the Rockies to the Andes and then the Himalayas, the ride has been absolutely magical and I know that the journey has just began.

I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at curious.lounge@gmail.com and connect with me via Twitter @LostInHeels


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  1. is geen tea better than black?should you avoid at nightime?thanks,also loose leaf or bags better?

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